A visit to any garden usually sparks new ideas for your own and the Rose Garden is no exception. Our gardener, Conor, is always happy to chat, and if you’re not sure of the name of a plant just ask.

Here’s just 2 photos taken in the last week to inspire you.

It’s Magic!

Just when you were running out of ideas for the holidays along comes our summer event for the children. Circus Skills followed by a Magic Show and refreshments available. Bring a picnic and make a day of it.IMG_1080

Thank you

How delighted were we to receive this lovely letter? The first afternoon tea for the current committee was busy, hectic and almost overwhelming. Realising how much our efforts were appreciated makes all the difference  Many of you expressed your thanks on the day and then along came this letter .  Thank you Jean for taking the time to write and we hope you make many happy visits to the Rose Garden



One of our Facebook friends shared these memories of the Rose Garden. Perhaps some more of you  out there have things to share.

From Gloria Townsin

My late eldest son Paul took his first steps in the Rose Garden. I lived in Melbourne Road so the Rose Garden was very much part of my life. The year 1967.

I moved to Cornwall about 10 years ago. I’ve got some old home movie of Paul in the cRose garden somewhere. Paul and my second son were born at home in Melbourne Road. I lived at number 22 before the road was renumbered when it changed to 59. We moved into the house in 1964 when we married and renovated the house, which was very old fashioned, throughout, with a bomb shelter in the garden. Sadly I lost touch with all the people I knew there. Mrs Barton was my midwife. The surgery was in the middle of the high street before it moved to a new building further toward the rose garden end.


From highs to lows

Yesterday we were  feeling proud and uplifted, celebrating our Green Flag Award. Today we have been met with a very unwelcome visitor  😢. Who would do such a thing? If anyone knows anything about this please PM us or have a quiet word with Conor, our gardener. Maybe some restorative justice would help the perpetrator develop a love of the garden and stop them from any future fly tipping.